Tips for small apartments

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Tips for small apartments

Smaller apartments have their advantages – significantly lower costs when equipping, lower prices of utilities, the less time it takes to clean up the mess. They may also have an irreplaceable charm comfort, exude hospitality and coziness – only if you know how to bring that his small office in style.

People often choose to small apartments of equipment’s to be used as rationally as possible, which is understandable. However, few people in regulating pay attention to design and style, which can completely change the impression.

The fact that the apartment is small does not mean that you have no right to play around with the furniture and colors, and at the same provide the practical use of space. Your apartment might have a little room, but it does not mean that your options are limited only decorations on functionality.

1. Carefully delineate spaceDecorating-A-Small-Apartment-91-e1343237484972
At first glance it might seem that the concept of open space ideal when it comes to decorating a small apartment, because it seems more compact and higher. However, this is only a deception, because in this way the space station for about overloading and lack of definition over time can lead to lose meaning and began to act disorderly.
The space between the kitchen and dining room custom is ideal for bar, which perfectly separates this room, and can also serve as a place for additional storage, because the lower part of the bar, you can incorporate shelves, drawers and door.

2. Invest in multifunctional furniture
When it comes to small space, every square meter is important. Get the most out of each room, so you’ll invest in furniture that has multiple functions.
The bedrooms are ideal for this kind of furniture. Get a bed that can be folded into the sofa while watching TV, hollow ottoman that can also be used for storage of different things, or create a retractable dining table that need to be extended when you have guests.

3. Take advantage of unused portions137
After a certain time in the same space, especially if it comes to a small apartment, intrusion into a rut. Even if the design is too standardized and rational, it will surely become bored and constantly make you feel like you’re missing more interesting solutions.

4. Think vertically
One of the key things when it comes to equipping small apartment is that you focus on vertical furniture, as much in the horizontal.
The more you make the most of the upper parts of the room, more space will remain for extravagant solutions in the lower parts. High and narrow pieces are your best allies in the fact that you get a lot of storage space in small areas.

5. Seek advice from the manufacturer furniture made to measure
People who are not involved in the design and production of furniture sometimes cannot even imagine what you can fit in a single piece.
That’s why many companies which produce furniture measure have in your team designers and experts who can offer impressive solutions. In your coat hanger, for example, can be incorporated specific tray that will be used for small items related to the hygiene of shoes, or in your kitchen can incorporate a cutting board vegetables, and if necessary extend.Small-Apartment-Renovation-11

6. Choose bright and pastel tones
Hold the lighter palette of tones. In addition to these more modern colors, bright shades visually give the width of the space, while bright and dark narrow.
Do not be fooled. A bright yellow color of the living room might sound like a lighter shade, but far better solution would be pastel gray, combined with the gentle blue or white with blue and white coffee. Use no more than three colors, and from the same palette.
The two lighter shades that will be dominant, and one slightly darker, which will break the monotony and add an interesting flavor room.

7. Avoid massive furniture Maybe you like those big cabinets, closets or large angular sofas, but for your own little apartment was not a good solution. These pieces will seem pretentious and incompatible, and the way it will take up too much space.