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You’ve Got Granite Countertops – Now What?

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So you just got granite countertops and you’re not sure what you need to do to keep them looking their very best. Luckily I’ve got some tips and tricks that will keep your new countertops looking like they were just installed. Once you’ve learned the basics for how to take care of your new granite, it’s pretty easy to keep them looking nice. If you don’t follow these simple suggestions, you could end up with scratches, stains, pitting, or worse on your new countertops.

Don’t Use Acids or Leave Acidic Foods Sitting on Your Countertops

When acids or acidic foods are left to sit on your new stone countertops, they can cause a couple of different problems. The first thing that can happen is called erosion, which is when acids actually eat away a portion of your countertop leaving an indent in the shape of the spill. There’s no way to fix erosion on your stone countertops, so it’s best to avoid it happening in the first place.

The other consequence of acidic substances on your counters is what’s called etching. Etching is when an acid leaves a dull spot in the polish of your countertop. This is primarily a concern for polished stone countertops, but it’s a good rule of thumb not to let any acidic food come into contact with your countertops, no matter what finish they have.

These rules apply particularly to countertops that are made of limestone or marble. These stones are high in calcite, which is eaten away by acidic substances. These stones will readily erode at any contact with acidic substances, and especially in cases of prolonged exposure. While granite has less calcite in it, it’s still susceptible to etching, and acids can seep into the porous surface and slowly eat away at the granite from the inside.

Seal Your Countertops Annually

There seems to be a lot of conjecture around this point in particular. Many people seem to think that you don’t really need to seal your countertops, and other people think you need to do it every couple of weeks. In reality, you should seal them every six months to once a year. Most sealant will last for about a year before it needs to be redone.

Reapplying sealant to your countertops is imperative to maintaining sanitary countertops. The layers of sealant will help to keep any spilled liquids out of the porous surface of your stone countertops. This will help to prevent stains, and even make it easier to wipe up any spills. Sealant also helps polished countertops to retain their shine and stay looking great.

Don’t Put Pots & Pans Directly on Your Countertops

One of the draws of granite and other stone countertops is the fact that you can put hot items directly on the counter without leaving a nasty burn mark. While your new countertops are resistant to burns, they aren’t resistant to scratching. Many times when people put hot pots and pans down on stone countertops there’s grit that gets caught between the pan and the surface of the counter. This grit can cause scratching and pitting on the surface of your countertop, and once your counter is scratched it’s very difficult to get those scratches back out. There are some products that claim to be able to remove scratches from granite and other stones, but the best idea is just to avoid scratching it in the first place.

Don’t Use Your Countertops as a Cutting Board

You may be tempted to cut things directly on your new countertops. They’re super hard after all, so what could go wrong? For starters, this will completely ruin your knives. Unless you have some kind of ceremonial diamond blade that you use for cooking, granite countertops will dull your knives almost immediately and make it very difficult to put a good edge back on them. If you do use some kind of ceremonial diamond blade for your cooking, then you’re going to destroy your countertop, so I still don’t recommend it.

In addition to ruining your knives, you should never put raw meat on your stone countertops. Bacteria from raw meat can seep into the pores in your countertop and create an unsanitary surface that is incredibly difficult to sanitize again. If your counter comes in contact with any juices from raw meat or raw meat itself, it’s imperative that you wipe up any residue immediately before it has time to seep in.

If you follow these simple instructions, your countertops will stay beautiful and sanitary for years to come. Your new countertops are probably one of the most sturdy (and expensive) additions to your home, so make sure you do your due diligence and research how to keep them looking great. If you have any questions about things you should or shouldn’t do on your countertop, call your local granite distributor or the company that installed your countertops to get more information about how to care for your new stone.

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Look

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Look

Ready to get started finally designing and implementing that gorgeous, perfectly-styled kitchen you’ve always wanted? We recently went through a massive kitchen renovation process here at my family’s home, and the end results have been absolutely amazing. The company we worked with was on point, walking us through the entire process with our plans and ideas in mind. We were completely involved in the initial consultation, where they took our budget, guidelines, and more into account to help us plan out our perfect kitchen makeover. After the first consultation, we had a 2nd one! The first alone was excellent, but they then took our budget and ideas into account to sketch out a plank, which, during the second consultation, they were sure to go over in-depth and really keep us informed on the entire cost.

After our second consultation, the design and planning phase started. The company was at our house the VERY next day, measuring, walking around, sketching, laying out plans, just doing an overall very thorough and detailed process. I was completely at ease with the contractors and everyone else involved. The company was extremely professional, fast, and the results have been stunning.

Note: My case is not altogether that common, but it should be! This article will help you choose not only the best kitchen look for your home, but the best company to choose as well. I’ll have a small list of what I think are the top things to look for in a kitchen renovation business.

1. Keep Your Appliances In MindKitchen Design
This is a tip that often is overlooked by homeowners and ends up with them being dissatisfied with the entire re-design after it’s complete. It is vital that you take into account your existing appliances, if you will be updating them, and how they will look with your newly styled kitchen, whether you are just trying to replace your granite counter tops with a new color, or looking for a kitchen cabinet re-do. Some appliances, especially older, more out-dated ones, can have colors and fading patterns that may not provide the overall look that you want in your kitchen re-design. If you will be purchasing new appliances, factor in the appearance of your appliances into your overall aesthetic. This is extremely important!

2. Take Into Account Your Budget
This may seem like an obvious tip for most people, but it’s just as important to point this out nonetheless. When going through your planning and design process, there are many times when contractors, or family members, will want some type of add-on, product extension, or something of the sort. Be sure to account for these random add-ons when you are thinking about your budget in the beginning! Giving yourself some extra leeway in your budget at the initial consultation can help give you a small pillow for when you start doing the actual work and seeing how it’s turning out. Who knows, you may want to completely change the color of all of the knobs on your cabinet and it ends up adding an additional few thousand to your plans.

3. Recycle Old ProductsKitchen Cabinet Design
It’s always important to think about the planet and earth when you are going through the renovation process as well. I always make sure that any home renovation company, after the work is complete, will recycle the old products. If they are still in good shape, who knows, you could maybe throw them online and sell them! More often than not, companies will just throw away old products. It’s always great to keep the world in mind when going through this process as well. Involving the next tip, maybe try a do it yourself project with your old cabinets!

4. Be Creative
One of the most important things to try to incorporate into your new kitchen design is your creativity! Use your imagination, and try to find patterns, stylings, and designs that are unique, flashy, and fit your personality and home space perfectly. If you’re looking to offer any kind of creative input, be sure to bring it up during the planning & design phase, so your granite countertops Richmond experts can be sure to weave it into their design and creation of the initial plans.

5. Go To Multiple Competitors
Always, always make sure that you seek quotes, estimates, and plans from multiple kitchen renovation contractors. If one suggests an outrageous price, another may be completely opposite! It’s important, for both your budget and your kitchen renovation in general, to have different companies competing for your business. When multiple companies start competing for you, YOU WIN! They will go out of their way, offer discounts or coupons, and just generally offer a better overall experience when you have several contractors helping you. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and social forums to help decide on a big list of various contractors you can speak with, and go for it!

Room Design

Conclusion So whether you are the type of individual who prefers dark-stained cabinets, or one who likes a lighter, or even white cabinets, be sure you really spend the time necessary to plan, design, and build out a budget with a kitchen renovation expert that is going to work with you, for you. Customer-focused businesses are some of the greatest, and It’s always a good idea to support them! Get out there, get some plans together, and re-design!

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Tips for small apartments

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Tips for small apartments

Smaller apartments have their advantages – significantly lower costs when equipping, lower prices of utilities, the less time it takes to clean up the mess. They may also have an irreplaceable charm comfort, exude hospitality and coziness – only if you know how to bring that his small office in style.

People often choose to small apartments of equipment’s to be used as rationally as possible, which is understandable. However, few people in regulating pay attention to design and style, which can completely change the impression.

The fact that the apartment is small does not mean that you have no right to play around with the furniture and colors, and at the same provide the practical use of space. Your apartment might have a little room, but it does not mean that your options are limited only decorations on functionality.

1. Carefully delineate spaceDecorating-A-Small-Apartment-91-e1343237484972
At first glance it might seem that the concept of open space ideal when it comes to decorating a small apartment, because it seems more compact and higher. However, this is only a deception, because in this way the space station for about overloading and lack of definition over time can lead to lose meaning and began to act disorderly.
The space between the kitchen and dining room custom is ideal for bar, which perfectly separates this room, and can also serve as a place for additional storage, because the lower part of the bar, you can incorporate shelves, drawers and door.

2. Invest in multifunctional furniture
When it comes to small space, every square meter is important. Get the most out of each room, so you’ll invest in furniture that has multiple functions.
The bedrooms are ideal for this kind of furniture. Get a bed that can be folded into the sofa while watching TV, hollow ottoman that can also be used for storage of different things, or create a retractable dining table that need to be extended when you have guests.

3. Take advantage of unused portions137
After a certain time in the same space, especially if it comes to a small apartment, intrusion into a rut. Even if the design is too standardized and rational, it will surely become bored and constantly make you feel like you’re missing more interesting solutions.

4. Think vertically
One of the key things when it comes to equipping small apartment is that you focus on vertical furniture, as much in the horizontal.
The more you make the most of the upper parts of the room, more space will remain for extravagant solutions in the lower parts. High and narrow pieces are your best allies in the fact that you get a lot of storage space in small areas.

5. Seek advice from the manufacturer furniture made to measure
People who are not involved in the design and production of furniture sometimes cannot even imagine what you can fit in a single piece.
That’s why many companies which produce furniture measure have in your team designers and experts who can offer impressive solutions. In your coat hanger, for example, can be incorporated specific tray that will be used for small items related to the hygiene of shoes, or in your kitchen can incorporate a cutting board vegetables, and if necessary extend.Small-Apartment-Renovation-11

6. Choose bright and pastel tones
Hold the lighter palette of tones. In addition to these more modern colors, bright shades visually give the width of the space, while bright and dark narrow.
Do not be fooled. A bright yellow color of the living room might sound like a lighter shade, but far better solution would be pastel gray, combined with the gentle blue or white with blue and white coffee. Use no more than three colors, and from the same palette.
The two lighter shades that will be dominant, and one slightly darker, which will break the monotony and add an interesting flavor room.

7. Avoid massive furniture Maybe you like those big cabinets, closets or large angular sofas, but for your own little apartment was not a good solution. These pieces will seem pretentious and incompatible, and the way it will take up too much space.

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