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Replacement Windows & Contemporary Design

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Have you been considering making an upgrade to the windows in your home? If you live in a home with contemporary styling and modern architecture, you’re likely thinking about how you can best accentuate this type of design. Here are some recent trends for maintaining modern aesthetics when upgrading the windows in your home.

When looking for replacement windows, keep these design considerations in mind:

Keep It Simple

Many modern homes have windows that are clean and simple in appearance, lacking superfluous accoutrements. Windows often will have smaller frames, maximizing the viewing area while minimizing the size and appearance of the surrounding frame. Design that is minimal generally gets rid of all decorations that do not serve a specific function.

Clear Lines of Sight

Modern frames are generally thin, with a narrow and “flat” appearance. They’re often installed in pairs side by side, without anything between them. Window panes usually lack bars, grilles, and other decorations, keeping the appearance simplistic and providing a larger viewing area from inside than older styles of windows. This also allows more light to flow in from outside.

Hardware With A Point

Contemporary styles are generally clean, utilitarian, and angular in appearance. Seeing a pattern here? Clean, sharp, geometric shapes and lines are all part of modern styling, and this applies to the hardware on your windows, too. Hardware should lack busy designs or patters, and be squared off into simple geometric shapes. This provides for a sophisticated, minimal look. For an even more minimal appearance, hardware can be mounted flush along the frame to give even more of a streamlined look.

Modern Casement Windows

Modern Methods Of Operation

Many windows with contemporary designs open and close on hinges located on the sides or top of the frame, rather than sliding up and down like older windows. Not only does this maintain a clean and straightforward aesthetic, but it makes the windows very easy to use and maximizes ventilation. Windows in this style often come in the casement or awning variety, but may also come as picture windows that do not open.

Modern Materials

Modern window frames should be made from modern materials. The best contemporarily designed window frames are made from composite materials like Fibrex – which combines the great looks of wood with the durability, energy efficiency, and lack of maintenance of vinyl.

 Monochromatic Colors

Modern window frames won’t often come in classic finishes or wood grains. Keeping with the modern aesthetic, they typically come in colors like white, grey, or black. To keep a streamlined look, hardware will often be the same exact color or something complimentary like chrome or silver. This presents an overall look that is clean, sleek, and modern.

Looking for contemporary replacement windows? Ask for referrals from friends, and conduct a local search online. Just fire up your favorite web browser, visit Google, and search for the service in your area. For example, if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’d type in “window replacement charlotte nc” to see local replacement window companies. Make sure to diligently research your investment, view at least a couple companies’ websites, and check out user reviews to ensure you’re making an informed decision!

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Kitchen Refinishing – Cabinets, Sinks, & More!

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Kitchen Refinishing – Cabinets, Sinks, & More!

Deciding on whether or not to fully renovate your home’s kitchen can be a grueling decision. When you have to factor in your budget, the materials you want to use, and the final look and design you want to achieve, it can become a major process that is an extreme hassle. In many cases, a complete kitchen renovation is not the appropriate choice for a new look, and it could be better achieved with a simple refinishing process. Many families are unaware of the option for a wood renewal or refinish to get a new, revitalized kitchen, but it is a significantly cheaper, and just as high-quality, experience.

When you are looking to flip a home, or just want to breathe some life into an older-styled room, a full wood refinishing process can be just the thing you’re looking for. Affordable for many, and a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional renovations and overhauls, a refinishing experience makes an older home look brand new. The process is simple, and depending on who you choose to complete the refinish, can be completed in the same day, with no waiting on cabinets to dry.

N-Hance Augusta Aiken Cabinets

There are many options and companies that specialize in fast, high-quality wood refinishing, such as N-Hance of Augusta/Aiken. My family down south used them for their entire set of kitchen cabinets, and the work came out absolutely amazing. There was no difference between the quick refinishing process that N-Hance used and a traditional renovation process. The cabinets looked great!

Wood refinishing can encompass many different options that you may be looking for, such as changing the colors of your cabinets, bring more gloss and shine to your cabinets, or fixing and repairing cracked or worn cabinets.

One of the biggest things you can do to revitalize your kitchen area and improve the overall aesthetics and design is a cabinet color shift. This either darkens or lightens the color of your cabinets, which can be the perfect compliment to a granite counter top or similarly-colored kitchen appliances.

Whatever option you decide to pursue, it’s extremely important that you take the time to thoroughly research the company you choose for your kitchen makeover. Whether you want to go with a traditional, more expensive kitchen renovation, or use a more affordable alternative such as a wood refinishing process, this tip stays the same. Do your research, and look at previous customers’ reviews on how the company handled their experience from start to finish.

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Look

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Look

Ready to get started finally designing and implementing that gorgeous, perfectly-styled kitchen you’ve always wanted? We recently went through a massive kitchen renovation process here at my family’s home, and the end results have been absolutely amazing. The company we worked with was on point, walking us through the entire process with our plans and ideas in mind. We were completely involved in the initial consultation, where they took our budget, guidelines, and more into account to help us plan out our perfect kitchen makeover. After the first consultation, we had a 2nd one! The first alone was excellent, but they then took our budget and ideas into account to sketch out a plank, which, during the second consultation, they were sure to go over in-depth and really keep us informed on the entire cost.

After our second consultation, the design and planning phase started. The company was at our house the VERY next day, measuring, walking around, sketching, laying out plans, just doing an overall very thorough and detailed process. I was completely at ease with the contractors and everyone else involved. The company was extremely professional, fast, and the results have been stunning.

Note: My case is not altogether that common, but it should be! This article will help you choose not only the best kitchen look for your home, but the best company to choose as well. I’ll have a small list of what I think are the top things to look for in a kitchen renovation business.

1. Keep Your Appliances In MindKitchen Design
This is a tip that often is overlooked by homeowners and ends up with them being dissatisfied with the entire re-design after it’s complete. It is vital that you take into account your existing appliances, if you will be updating them, and how they will look with your newly styled kitchen, whether you are just trying to replace your granite counter tops with a new color, or looking for a kitchen cabinet re-do. Some appliances, especially older, more out-dated ones, can have colors and fading patterns that may not provide the overall look that you want in your kitchen re-design. If you will be purchasing new appliances, factor in the appearance of your appliances into your overall aesthetic. This is extremely important!

2. Take Into Account Your Budget
This may seem like an obvious tip for most people, but it’s just as important to point this out nonetheless. When going through your planning and design process, there are many times when contractors, or family members, will want some type of add-on, product extension, or something of the sort. Be sure to account for these random add-ons when you are thinking about your budget in the beginning! Giving yourself some extra leeway in your budget at the initial consultation can help give you a small pillow for when you start doing the actual work and seeing how it’s turning out. Who knows, you may want to completely change the color of all of the knobs on your cabinet and it ends up adding an additional few thousand to your plans.

3. Recycle Old ProductsKitchen Cabinet Design
It’s always important to think about the planet and earth when you are going through the renovation process as well. I always make sure that any home renovation company, after the work is complete, will recycle the old products. If they are still in good shape, who knows, you could maybe throw them online and sell them! More often than not, companies will just throw away old products. It’s always great to keep the world in mind when going through this process as well. Involving the next tip, maybe try a do it yourself project with your old cabinets!

4. Be Creative
One of the most important things to try to incorporate into your new kitchen design is your creativity! Use your imagination, and try to find patterns, stylings, and designs that are unique, flashy, and fit your personality and home space perfectly. If you’re looking to offer any kind of creative input, be sure to bring it up during the planning & design phase, so your granite countertops Richmond experts can be sure to weave it into their design and creation of the initial plans.

5. Go To Multiple Competitors
Always, always make sure that you seek quotes, estimates, and plans from multiple kitchen renovation contractors. If one suggests an outrageous price, another may be completely opposite! It’s important, for both your budget and your kitchen renovation in general, to have different companies competing for your business. When multiple companies start competing for you, YOU WIN! They will go out of their way, offer discounts or coupons, and just generally offer a better overall experience when you have several contractors helping you. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and social forums to help decide on a big list of various contractors you can speak with, and go for it!

Room Design

Conclusion So whether you are the type of individual who prefers dark-stained cabinets, or one who likes a lighter, or even white cabinets, be sure you really spend the time necessary to plan, design, and build out a budget with a kitchen renovation expert that is going to work with you, for you. Customer-focused businesses are some of the greatest, and It’s always a good idea to support them! Get out there, get some plans together, and re-design!

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