4 Essential Questions to Ask a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is a vital part of maintaining a clean, healthy home. But when it comes to choosing a professional carpet cleaning service, things can get overwhelming fast. How do you go about finding a company you can trust? Start by asking these four questions to each potential carpet cleaning company and compare each of their answers. Asking smart questions will help you determine which carpet cleaning company you can trust to do a great job at the right price.

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Do You Offer Estimates?

The cost of carpet cleaning is likely one of your top concerns, so the first thing you should ask any carpet cleaning service is whether or not they offer estimates. Follow up by asking if they provide free or in-home estimates and what factors will change the actual price of the service as compared to the estimate. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you can afford a particular service, and you’ll also probably get a sense for how honest and reputable the company is.

What Carpet Cleaning Method Do You Use?

There are a few common carpet cleaning methods out there, the most prevalent being steam cleaning and hot water extraction. You’re most likely going to want to find a company that uses some form of hot water extraction. Steam cleaning isn’t good for carpets made out of natural fibers because it will cause the fibers to shrink, which will then warp the carpet. Hot water extraction is great for natural fiber carpets and is also extremely effective at deep cleaning carpets without the use of harsh soaps and detergents. Steam cleaning services usually use a lot of detergent to get your carpets clean, leaving behind a sticky residue that causes your carpets to re-soil faster.

How Long is the Dry-Time?

This is a big one. A lot of people forget to ask how long it will take for their carpets to dry once cleaning is complete. Some companies guarantee dry carpets in a few hours, while other companies say your carpets will need two to three full days to dry out completely. This is a huge difference, and you’ll want to consider the level of inconvenience you’re willing to put up with.

Can you Guarantee to Remove Allergens and Bacteria?

Having beautiful looking carpets is great, but what about all the invisible contaminants that lurk underneath the surface of your carpets? Ask your potential carpet cleaning services if they have any information about how effective their cleaning method is at removing allergens and bacteria from inside the layers of your carpet. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, getting rid of as many allergens as possible could have a dramatic effect on their ability to be comfortable at home.

Curtice Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Curtice Chem-Dry is a professional carpet cleaning service that uses a unique carpet cleaning method called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). HCE is a type of hot water extraction, but instead of using regular water, HCE uses the power of carbonation to get deep into the fibers of your carpet and lift dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria to the surface where they can all be easily extracted. Because carbonation is such a powerful cleaning agent – think about club soda effortlessly lifting a stain from a shirt – Curtice Chem-Dry is able to use 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning services. That means your carpets will dry in just two hours or less, and you won’t be inconvenienced by wet carpets for days on end.

Curtice Chem-Dry also offers free price quotes to any potential customer. It’s important to note that a price quote is different from an estimate. When Curtice Chem-Dry quotes you a price for a service, that is what you’ll pay. It won’t suddenly change after cleaning is complete, leaving you with a bill that larger than what you expected.

In addition to all these great benefits, Curtice Chem-Dry’s HCE method has also been shown to remove a huge number of allergens and bacteria from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. A leading independent laboratory conducted a scientific study on the effectiveness of the HCE method. They found that HCE removes 98.1% of common household allergens from carpets and upholstery, and when a sanitizer is added to the process, HCE removes 82.3% of bacteria from carpets. After Curtice Chem-Dry is done, your carpets will look beautiful and new again, and you’ll be left with a dramatically cleaner, healthier home.

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How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for You

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Before choosing replacement windows, it’s important that you thoroughly research all of your options, so you can be sure to choose windows you love. There are so many more affordable options when it comes to high-quality replacement windows than there used to be. If you know where to look, you can find windows that look high-end and expensive without breaking the bank in the process.

The first thing you need to think about when choosing your replacement windows is energy efficiency. Well-insulated windows can dramatically lower your monthly energy bills by keeping the heat in during winter and the AC in during summer. Consider choosing low-E glass for added insulation and double or triple-paned windows if you live in a particularly cold climate.

You should also look at the window’s U-factor – also called U-value – which will typically range from 0.20 to 1.20. The lower the number, the better the window will be at keeping in heat. You can also talk to your window installation company of choice to see if they can provide any additional weather stripping or insulation that will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

The next thing you need to consider is the style of your replacement windows. You’ll want to choose something that fits in with the style of your home and meets your practical needs. Casement windows hinge open like little doors and offer excellent ventilation. If you live in a temperate climate and love to let the fresh air into your home, casement windows may be a good option for you, especially if you favor a more modern, contemporary feel.

Sliding windows are typically a more cost-effective option and require very little maintenance. If you have beautiful views outside your home that you want to look at unobstructed, sliding windows could be the way to go. Double hung windows give you that traditional, classic look. These days double hung windows are much easier to open than in the past because they have a spring mounted mechanism instead of the old weight and pulley style.

Blue Ridge Exteriors is the best place to go for replacement windows in Chesterfield, VA. Their highly skilled replacement window installation team guarantees excellent workmanship and results with every job. They value honest salesmanship and will never push you to purchase more expensive windows that you don’t need. Instead, they’ll help you find replacement windows that are right for you and your home. Blue Ridge Exteriors offers a wide range of replacement windows in different styles and finishes. If you’re looking for replacement windows in Chesterfield, VA, you’re sure to find something you love at Blue Ridge Exteriors.

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What Should You Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Service?

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When you decide it’s time to invest in professional carpet cleaning, it can be hard to know where to turn. There are so many different carpet cleaning companies out there, and you want to make sure you’re hiring a service that’s trustworthy, effective, and fairly priced. You might be wondering – what else should I look for? These three things will help you narrow down your options and choose a professional carpet cleaning service that’s right for you.

Deep Clean

This is a no-brainer. If you’re paying a professional carpet cleaning service, you’re going to want great results. Look at each company’s website and check to see if they have any information about their cleaning process and how it gets your carpets deeply clean. If you have any special concerns – like removing allergens or bacteria – make sure those issues are directly addressed in the company’s website.


No one wants to pay for professional carpet cleaning only to be left with carpets that are completely saturated with soapy water and take days to dry. You’ll have to stay out of all carpeted rooms in your home, and mold and mildew may start to grow underneath your carpets if they’re left sopping wet for days on end. Look for a carpet cleaning service that guarantees a quick dry time and backs it up by explaining how their process allows for carpets to dry quickly.


It’s always best to choose the most environmentally friendly option available, especially if you’ll still get great results. Look for a carpet cleaning service that uses a low-water carpet cleaning method and natural cleaners. That way, you’ll be choosing the option that’s kind to the environment, and your carpets will be able to dry in less time.

Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood, TN

TNT Chem-Dry offers professional carpet cleaning in Brentwood, TN, and they work hard to make sure every customer is completely satisfied with the end result. TNT Chem-Dry uses a unique carpet cleaning method called Hot Carbonating Extraction to give carpets a deeper, long-lasting clean without resorting to spraying them with gallons upon gallons of soapy water. Their low-water cleaning method allows your carpets to dry in just two hours. With traditional services like steam cleaning, you’d be waiting up to two full days for your carpet to dry.

An independent study found that the Chem-Dry method removes an average of 98% of common household allergens from carpets and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria in your home when a sanitizer is added to the process. TNT Chem-Dry also uses their own all-natural cleaner that’s free from soap, detergent, and harsh chemicals. When it comes to carpet cleaning in Brentwood, TN, TNT Chem-Dry is the best option for a deep, long-lasting clean that dries in less time and is kinder to the environment.

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Smart Ways to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bills

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When the mercury reaches the mid-nineties in the middle of May, you know that you’re in for a long, hot summer. I don’t mind a bit, as long as I can always retreat to a refreshingly cool home when I need to. But as much as I love my air conditioning, I’m not willing to just throw money at it. Here’s what I do to give my air conditioner a break – and reduce your energy bills – here are some helpful tips:

Turn on your fans

We all know that fans can help keep us cool. But we tend to forget that running a small fan is less expensive than cooling an entire house. So, sit next to a fan – even if your air conditioning is on. You’ll find that you can stay perfectly cool even if you turn the thermostat up a few degrees. With each extra degree, you’ll lighten the load on your air conditioner.

Close curtains & blinds

We all love natural light, so by all means, enjoy it whenever you can. But if you’re not in a room, keep your curtains and blinds closed. Each room you shield against the warm light will be a cooler room helping to keep your entire home cool.

Apply window film

Today’s window films can selectively block out light, allowing natural light to pass while reflecting away heat-carrying infrared light before it enters your home. Unlike older films, modern window films offer a much more natural appearance both indoors and out. Consider applying film to windows that let in a lot of direct sunlight.

Get an annual heating and air tune-up

Most air conditioning systems require annual inspections and tune-ups in order to run at peak efficiency and as inexpensively as possible. If your heating and air system hasn’t been expected within the last year, you should arrange a visit from a local heating and air specialist. Your specialist should be able to make some quick, inexpensive adjustments to help your system run better; he’ll also help you and your system avoid future problems.

Turn-off heat-producing systems & appliances

Ovens, computers, TVs, stereos, washers, dryers, and dishwashers are just some of the household devices that generate heat. Making sure that these devices are turned off when not in use will help to keep your home cool (as well as save energy). Running devices in the cooler evening, when there’s less demand on the air conditioner, can also help to save energy and money.

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Privacy, Security or Decoration Fencing

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Are you looking to replace or build a fence for your home? There are a few easy questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing fencing for your home.

  1. What is your goal? Is the fence for privacy, security, or curb appeal? Perhaps, all of the above?
  2. What material are you looking for? Wood or Aluminum?
  3. What is your budget? Most companies will provide a free quote.

Once you have these narrowed down, it makes it easier to choose from different looks. Whether its for residential or commercial fencing, your possibilities are endless. Adding a fence to any yard will add value and curb appeal instantly. Not to mention establishing property lines, decoration privacy and safety. Do your research and find a company who is committed to not only the appearance, but the functionality of your fence building project as well. No matter what style of fence you are looking for, design experts can create every detail, turning your ideas into reality. Call to get your free quote and start discussing your dream back yard.
Fencing Richmond Gate

Privacy Scallop Fencing Richmond


Arbors & Pergolas

Need something more? Why not add an arbor or pergola to your new oasis of a backyard? Find a company like Fencing Unlimited in Richmond or Central Virginia who do both!

Pergolas are larger than arbors and typically go in a central area of a yard although they can be connected to a home as a shaded walkway, near a garden or over a fence. The two main purposes of a pergola are to provide visual appeal and shade to your outdoor space. They also do a great job of providing a focal point of your outdoor landscaping. Pergolas are a great place to enjoy warm spring and summer days because they let in sunlight and breeze while still protecting you from direct sun exposure.


White Arbor Fencing Unlimited

Archway Fencing Unlimited Richmond

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Replacement Windows & Contemporary Design

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Have you been considering making an upgrade to the windows in your home? If you live in a home with contemporary styling and modern architecture, you’re likely thinking about how you can best accentuate this type of design. Here are some recent trends for maintaining modern aesthetics when upgrading the windows in your home.

When looking for replacement windows, keep these design considerations in mind:

Keep It Simple

Many modern homes have windows that are clean and simple in appearance, lacking superfluous accoutrements. Windows often will have smaller frames, maximizing the viewing area while minimizing the size and appearance of the surrounding frame. Design that is minimal generally gets rid of all decorations that do not serve a specific function.

Clear Lines of Sight

Modern frames are generally thin, with a narrow and “flat” appearance. They’re often installed in pairs side by side, without anything between them. Window panes usually lack bars, grilles, and other decorations, keeping the appearance simplistic and providing a larger viewing area from inside than older styles of windows. This also allows more light to flow in from outside.

Hardware With A Point

Contemporary styles are generally clean, utilitarian, and angular in appearance. Seeing a pattern here? Clean, sharp, geometric shapes and lines are all part of modern styling, and this applies to the hardware on your windows, too. Hardware should lack busy designs or patters, and be squared off into simple geometric shapes. This provides for a sophisticated, minimal look. For an even more minimal appearance, hardware can be mounted flush along the frame to give even more of a streamlined look.

Modern Casement Windows

Modern Methods Of Operation

Many windows with contemporary designs open and close on hinges located on the sides or top of the frame, rather than sliding up and down like older windows. Not only does this maintain a clean and straightforward aesthetic, but it makes the windows very easy to use and maximizes ventilation. Windows in this style often come in the casement or awning variety, but may also come as picture windows that do not open.

Modern Materials

Modern window frames should be made from modern materials. The best contemporarily designed window frames are made from composite materials like Fibrex – which combines the great looks of wood with the durability, energy efficiency, and lack of maintenance of vinyl.

 Monochromatic Colors

Modern window frames won’t often come in classic finishes or wood grains. Keeping with the modern aesthetic, they typically come in colors like white, grey, or black. To keep a streamlined look, hardware will often be the same exact color or something complimentary like chrome or silver. This presents an overall look that is clean, sleek, and modern.

Looking for contemporary replacement windows? Ask for referrals from friends, and conduct a local search online. Just fire up your favorite web browser, visit Google, and search for the service in your area. For example, if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’d type in “window replacement charlotte nc” to see local replacement window companies. Make sure to diligently research your investment, view at least a couple companies’ websites, and check out user reviews to ensure you’re making an informed decision!

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Get Your Home Ready For Winter

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Winter is coming… Is your home ready for cold weather? Here’s a quick checklist of things you can do to make sure you and your family stay warm this winter.

  1. Make Sure Windows and Doors are Sealing Properly – This can often be overlooked, as we don’t necessarily think about the seals on our doors and windows all that often, but drafts can be a huge contributor to heat loss in your home. Make sure your doors and windows shut tightly and have a good seal around the edges to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home this winter.
  2. Have Your HVAC System Serviced – Most people don’t think about their HVAC system all that often, but it’s critical to have yours serviced before it starts getting cold out. You don’t want your heat pump to die in the middle of a snow storm when it’ll take days to get repairs. Call your local HVAC company and ask about getting a maintenance check to make sure everything is working as it should before it’s too late.
  3. When Temps Drop, Leave A Drip – If temperatures in your area are dropping below 20 degrees, it’s a good idea to leave a couple faucets in your home dripping overnight to keep the pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can be a huge hassle to deal with, and in many cases can cause excessive water damage to your home.
  4. Bring in Plants – If you’re a plant lover, you probably already know you need to do this. Be sure to bring in any plants that you want to keep alive through the winter before the first frost hits.
  5. Winterize Boats – If you’re the seafaring type, make sure to winterize your boats if you’re not planning on taking them out during the colder months. This will ensure that your boat stays in great condition for when you plan to take it out again in the spring!
  6. Locate Your Snow Gear – If you’ve got a snowblower or snow shovels, make sure they’re accessible for the first snowfall of the year. You don’t want to have to trudge out to the shed and go looking for stuff when it’s freezing out. Keep them in the garage or nearby for the winter, and then put them back into the shed in spring.
  7. Make Sure You Have Firewood (or Gas) – Nothing is better than curling up by a warm fire when it’s freezing out. Unfortunately, fires require a little bit of planning beforehand. If you have gas logs then this isn’t as much of a concern. You’ll want to make sure your gas is filled up before any big snowstorms, but other than that you should be fine. If you have a wood stove, make sure you have plenty of firewood on hand so you aren’t caught with nothing in the middle of a snowstorm.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be comfortable and warm all winter long. Not to mention you’ll save some time and money by taking care of these things ahead of time, and your family will thank you when temperatures in your home are consistent and toasty.

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